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(1)Products are produced according to ISO standard, to meet the international and domestic quality requirements.

(2)Each product has its own testing and tracking record

(3)All the production must be Fabricated and inspected according to the detailed CAD drawing before packing.

(4)If the goods are damaged as a result of poor packing, JAKO will replenishment or repair without any condition, the logistics fee will be borne by our company., 

(5)The welding or fragile materials are naturally damaged due to the non-external force factors, or hidden danger of lighting products caused by careless welding of workers, our company will repair or replace it at our own cost, including materials, travelling expenses.

(6)Start from the date of arrival, all the lamps manufactured by JAKO lighting will have two years guarantee. During the warranty period, we provide free spare parts, online support; Engineer door to door service for abroad maintenance only provide for client who signed the separate contract of installation services.  After the expiration of warranty, we also provide spare parts and services according to customers request at Client cost.


(1)Conduct business according to law, operate in good faith, observe social ethics and business ethics.

(2)Under same competitive conditions, Jakolighting DO NOT reducing the technical performance of the products and changing the material composition of the products.

(3)We sincerely provide the customer with good quality products with competitive price, but not the lowest price, we need the appropriate profits to maintain the company’s survival and development to serve our customers.


(1)Delivery in strict accordance with the time stipulated in the contract.

(2)Flexible arrangement of timeline for special project. 

(3)Jakolighting follows the Principle of not to compromise the Quality of any Products to meet the time frame.

(4)Professional lamps installation team, we equipped with professional lamps installation technicians to install and commissioning products safely at client’s site.

Zhongshan Jako Lighting & Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Email: davicao@jakolighting.com

Zip/Postal Code: 528478

Website: www.jako-lighting.com

Address: Yongxing Industrial Zone, Henglan 

Sales D1: +86 133 8176 0651

Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

Sales D2: +86 133 7189 0289 

Factory tel: +86 (0760) 8761 9920; 8768 2939

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