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Interpretation of several principles for selecting non standard project lightings
2018-12-03 14:08:19

The choice of non standard project lighting plays a very important role in the decoration. Choosing a suitable non-standard custom engineering lamp will bring a bright and comfortable home atmosphere while bringing light to the interior space. For you to interpret several principles for selecting non standard project lightings.

The principle of simplicity: lighting should play a finishing touch in the room. Overly complicated shapes and overly complicated colors are not suitable for designing simple rooms.

non standard project lighting

Safety principle: Be sure to choose non standard project lightings from regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with total load. Depending on the total load, it is possible to determine how many wattages to use, especially for multi-head chandeliers, ie: number of heads × watts per bulb = total load. In addition, the bathroom and kitchen with large moisture should use waterproof non standard project lightings.

Functional principle: Different styles and illuminations should be installed in different rooms. The living room should use bright and rich non standard project lightings; the bedroom should use non standard project lightings that make people lie on the bed; the children's room should use non standard project lightings with colorful and varied styles; The simple non-standard engineering lamp manufacturer of the non-standard engineering lamp manufacturer in the ancient town; the kitchen should select non-standard engineering lamps that are easy to wipe and clean; some places that require special performance can also choose spotlights.

Coordination principle: The lighting and the overall style of the room should be coordinated, and the various non standard project lightings in the same room should maintain color coordination or style coordination. Rectangular balconies such as wooden walls, wooden cabinets and wooden roofs are suitable for rectangular wooden lamps; rectangular halls with wrought iron tables and iron-tube glass dining tables and chairs, suitable for chandeliers with rectangular iron pipes; The bedroom with golden spotlights is suitable for lamps with golden decorations.

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