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Detail the design concept of hotel lighting
2018-12-03 16:07:50

Each lighting design has different meanings relative to each building. Lighting design has important factors for the hotel. The lighting design not only reflects the unique atmosphere of the hotel, but also shows the warm light environment of the hotel to attract customers' stay and promote Better economic returns, so successful hotel lighting design is the main guarantee of the hotel economy.

The hotel lighting design is to showcase the hotel's unique charm at night, creating a light environment around the hotel. The lighting design features make the hotel's customers deeply impressed and have a good impression on the hotel to attract customers. .

For hotel lighting design, we must first have a general understanding of the type of hotel. For example, hotels are usually divided into business and tourist resorts. Business hotels are usually located in economically developed cities, and are for business travellers. Highlight office, conference, business banquet and more. Tourist resort hotels are usually located in tourist attractions, highlighting the resort and leisure functions. On the other hand, this distinction is relative, and their functions are often intertwined. In addition, from the perspective of architectural characteristics, the various types of spaces based on functions inside and outside the hotel are also roughly the same.

1. Regarding the color temperature of the light source;

hotel lighting

2. Light color of different types of light sources;

3. Rational use of the relationship between color temperature and illuminance;

4. Can use direct lighting, it does not use indirect lighting;

5. To achieve uniform color;

6. Select a illuminator with high utilization of light flux;

7. Select the appropriate light distribution for the room-to-air ratio of different functional areas of the wine point, and discriminate the light distribution parameters such as the light intensity distribution, central light intensity and semi-light intensity of the light distribution curve to avoid the loss of light in two aspects. ;

8. The more advanced hotels, the higher the color rendering index of the light source.

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